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The Co-Directors are proud of the growth and development of the centre in recent years, maintaining maximum enrolments, undertaking significant renovations and growing our teaching team to eight educators.  

Miss Tracy (Tracy Joyce)

Co-Director and Teacher Educator for the St Helena Group (Nominated Supervisor)

Tracy brings a wealth of experience to her roles as Co-director, Teacher and Nominated Supervisor with 27 years’ experience in the early childhood field. Tracy delights in teaching Kindergarten children loving the refreshingly honest way they see the world and seeing their confidence and resilience grow during their time in Kindergarten. Tracy advocates for a learning environment that embraces diversity and promotes equity and success for all children.

Mrs Hyde (Jenni Hyde)

Co-Director and Teacher Educator for the Coochiemudlo Group (Educational Leader)

Jenni has had 22 years' experience teaching in a variety of early childhood settings.  She has taught children in the early years at Wondall Heights State School for many years and she is passionate about giving young children the best possible start in life.  

Mrs Johns (Suzanne Johns)

Teacher Educator for the Moreton Group

Suzanne has extensive Early Childhood teaching experience in country and city C&K centres and Education Queensland settings throughout Queensland.  She was a worthy national recipient of a NEiTA Inspirational Teaching Award in 2010, and she is passionate about providing inspiring environments that instil excitement, engage the senses and intellectual engagement, stimulate curiosity and create a sense of wonder.

Mrs Berg (Melissa Berg)

Teacher Educator for the Stradbroke Group

Melissa has been teaching for the past 13 years and has worked in various Kindergarten and Preparatory settings.  It is Melissa’s belief that a child’s success is based on a cooperative parent/teacher relationship and she believes that her strongest contribution to teaching so far has been focusing on her students as individuals and encouraging all children to fulfil their ideas creatively and nurture their love of learning.

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Our Assistant Educators provide invaluable assistance and support to our Teacher Educators and children within their learning environments.


Miss Kate (Kate Frischkorn)

Assistant Educator for the St Helena Group

Diploma of Children’s Services


Kate has six years’ experience working in long day care and Kindergarten services both in New South Wales and Queensland. Kate joined the team at Wynnum General Gordon in 2015 and loves every aspect of the Kindergarten environment. Kate delights in seeing the children developing new skills, taking on new challenges and making strong friendships. Kate believes for the children and their families this time in Kindergarten is very special and feels very privileged to be part of it.

Miss Jacqui (Jacqui Donnelly)

Assistant Educator for the Stradbroke Group

Jacqui strives to provide a nurturing rich environment where children and families feel safe, respected and supported. Jacqui actively encourages children to explore, discover, wonder and learn through challenging, stimulating experiences.

Miss Justine (Justine Barrett)

Assistant Educator for the Coochiemudlo Group

Justine has been an early childhood educator for 20 years, working in both long day care and kindergarten settings. Justine recognises that parents are their child's first and primary teachers and works alongside them to offer children individual learning opportunities. Justine celebrates diversity and what makes us the same.

Miss Chantel (Chantel Bailey)

Assistant Educator for the Moreton Group

Chantel has worked in the early childhood sector for 15 years, with a background in Family day care whilst her children were at home, and then joining the team at Wynnum General Gordon in 2016.

Chantel has a strong passion for working with children and their families and believes children learn through play. She loves watching children explore ,discover, create and imagine .

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Our Support Team are essential members of our Kindy.  They provide assistance across all areas of learning and operations

Jan (Jan McKay)


Jan became involved on the Management Committee while her three daughters attended the centre, and she enjoyed various roles assisting with the running of the centre.  She has been our Administrative Assistant since 2004 and she is an invaluable member of our team, assisting the Staff and Committee with Administrative tasks.  Jan is kind, caring and ensures that good communication exists amongst committee, staff and families at the centre.

Miss Aimee (Aimee Smith)

Assistant Educator

Aimee works alongside Miss Tracy and Mrs Hyde as an Additional Assistant and to support children with additional needs in the St Helena and Coochiemudlo Groups.

Miss Ruthie (Ruth Warrington - Crisan)

Assistant Educator

Ruth works alongside Mrs Johns and Mrs Berg as an Additional Assistant and to support children with additional needs in the Moreton and Stradbroke Groups.

Fiona Willard


Fiona is one of our friendly Housekeepers who works hard to keep our kindy looking great.

Sue Gahan


Sue is one of our friendly Housekeepers with years of experience in managing the upkeep of our Kindy premises. 

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