Suzanne Johns

Getting to know Mrs Suzanne Johns

For those who have not met me, please say hi! I’m now in my 20th year at General Gordon. I have previously taught in north Queensland, other Brisbane kindergartens and in state prep and primary schools. I believe working at different levels of schooling has given me a good overview on education.

My philosophy has changed over the years with experience and it has been enriched my my role as a parent to 2 amazing boys who are all grown up now!

My husband is also an amazing support putting up with me always scrounging and talking about Kindy 24/7! I know how you may feel when you walk into kindy after a sleepless night with a sick child. I know how you feel when your child has anxiety and I know how you feel when your child goes off to Prep!

Thank you for making our General Gordon Kindergarten such a wonderful supportive community. In partnership with parents and grandparents, I hope you are also enjoying our warm and welcoming kindergarten environment and having an amazing year. Our community here is such a unique one and it is even more special now as I realize I run into someone nearly every other day or read about them in the Wynnum Herald that I have taught over the years. I especially love it when past students drive to Kindy and call in to say hi!

When you join us on our Parent Roster/ Participation days I am sure you will see how much your child has already grown. Through encouraging each child to become more personally independent, making decisions, attempting new challenges and developing a confident self-concept, we find they are well prepared for their prep year.

One of my passions is the environment that we provide for our pre-prep children. The environment both inside and out is carefully planned to engage children, to develop their curiosity, to develop their imagination, joy and sense of wonder. I received a National Excellence in Teaching Award in 2010 where I received a scholarship to visit a Nature Kindergarten in Scotland where the children play all day in the forest! (even at minus 0 temperatures!) This unforgettable experience has promoted my use of nature-based play within our natural learning environment. Now that we are a Beach Kindergarten we are using some of the basic philosophies which  connect children to nature. We believe in the value of children having access to the outdoors and are so fortunate to have the beach at our doorstep.

We are always on the lookout for natural materials such tree stumps for tables or stepping-stones. Please let any staff know if you have access to knowledge or natural materials for our use in our beautiful garden or in our rooms.

It is my privilege to nurture and guide your young children to reach their potential. Each day I ponder how to make a difference in these little people’s lives and there is not a better place to do this then at General Gordon with my wonderful assistants Chantel and Ruth.

Always at the end of the day remember to ask your child:  “What made you smile today?”