Jenni Hyde

Getting to know Mrs Jenni Hyde

Hi everyone! For those of you who don’t know me, I’m Jenni Hyde. I live in Wynnum with my husband Craig, our two beautiful children (who also attended WGG) and our gorgeous retriever, Nelly! Together we love travelling, camping, skiing at Somerset Dam and spending time with our family and friends.

Teaching for me, was always on the cards! I remember sometime around the age of 7 or 8, I received an enormous blackboard mounted to the wall in the BBQ area for Christmas – I thought it was the best present ever! From then on, I transformed the BBQ area into a classroom and proceeded to rope in my brothers and neighbourhood friends to endure endless roll calling, chanting times tables and writing stories! I practiced my ticking, adorned work with stickers and insisted on everyone calling me Mrs Kay (my favourite Kindy teachers name). I absolutely loved it and after 24 years of teaching, I still do.

As a young, curious girl, I distinctly remember my early childhood teachers, I was captivated by them and the sense of wonder I found in my classrooms was so enthralling – I quickly came to love learning. Perhaps, this strong focus on creating a ‘love of learning’ is where my own teaching philosophy has grown from. I am very passionate about creating an environment where children feel safe and nurtured; an environment that stimulates natural curiosity and wonder which in turn allows children to take authentic risks in their learning and development.

Previously to Kindy, I had been primary teaching in several schools throughout Queensland, my most recent being Wondall Heights in Manly West. Having taught Prep, Transition, Years 1 & 2, I believe has given me a solid overview and understanding of Early Childhood education.

I feel truly blessed to teach at and guide the team at WGG, it’s wonderful centre, where not only the staff are incredibly dedicated and passionate, but the sense of community belonging is authentic and strong – our families are an integral part of being. It is my absolute privilege to nurture and guide your child’s Kindergarten journey, it promises to be quite an adventure!